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With over 20 years of experience, Eyelevel Jet Interiors have been working successfully all over the world with private jet aircraft owners and leading private jet operators, supplying cabin enhancements to help make the passenger experience on board more memorable and enjoyable.

I have worked with Matt and his team at Eye Level over the last 12 years and have always been very impressed with the very swift service and excellent products we have been supplied . We very often have last minute amenity products requests arise and Matt has always been able to come up with a great solution for us and our client. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

James Evans, Head Of Commercial Operations – Aeronexus

For a long time now, we have been receiving perfect support from eyelevel in the procurement of important items for equipping our aircraft for the well-being and satisfaction of our passengers.

Eyelevel always offers us exceptional solutions for the customers of our Business Aviation with outstanding customer orientation. Therefore, we happily appreciate the co-operation at present and in future.

DC Aviation GmbH

We worked with eyelevel to supply our aircraft with items including bedding, table cloth, china, cutlery and luxury wash bags and leather wear. It was a pleasure to work with the eyelevel team who even visited our aircraft in Madrid to take final measurements.

“it was a great experience to work with eyelevel so precise and dedicated to achieve the perfect result.They supplied our aircraft with items including bedding, table cloth, china-wear, cutlery and luxury amenity bags with la pairie products which customers really loved!!! They even visited our aircraft in Madrid to take final measurements”

A team who gives always a solution for the impossible…..

Thanks for your excellent work and kindness!

Patricia Chladek – Initium Aviation